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Have you ever been featured in a Runway Show before? If yes, where?

Will you have 8-10 complete looks to showcase in October 2017?

Will you have inventory of some of the looks in your collection available for sale by October? (Please note this does not affect your chances to be showcased).

What stage of business are you at"

Are your products manufactured in Canada?

When did you first launch your brand?

How do you manage PR for your brand currently?

The Runway show production can cost over $10,000 (usually just for AV equipment) and that does not include costs for venues, chair rentals, marketing, PR, graphic design, web/social media management etc.  Therefore, we charge a minimal fee of $800, which includes 2 Designer Guest Tickets, 8-10 Models, Hair, Makeup, Media Relations and Production costs and a ticket for you to attend the other SFW events.  Are you prepared to contribute this fee if selected?

Would you be willing to create your own press release before AND after the event to promote your participation and reach out to your own media networks?

Would you be enthusiastic about promoting your participation regularly on Social Media before, during and after the event?

Have you ever attended any Startup Fashion Week events before?  If so, which one(s)?

Would you be committed to attending the Preview Party in August and the Media Launch / Opening Party on the first day of SFW to promote your participation to Media and other guests?

How did you learn about Startup Fashion Week / the Designer Application?

If accepted, this application will constitute a contract between you and Startup Fashion Week.  Please read carefully.*

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT.  Once your application has been reviewed by the Startup Fashion Week team, approved applicants will be contacted.  Confirmation of participation will be provided when full payment is received by the deadline. Fees can be made via e.transfer or through Pay Pal. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable. 

MODEL CASTING. You agree to allow the Startup Fashion Week team to do model casting on behalf of your brand.  You will submit requests for male / female models 2 weeks before the Model Casting Date.  Once the SFW team selects the models you will be sent photos.  You will have 24 hours to make changes before we confirm and book all models.  

DRESS REHEARSAL. You are responsible to attend (or send someone in your place) to bring your collection to ethe Dress Rehearsal a week before the event to assign looks to each of your models.  Understand that the models are all volunteers so we cannot guarantee that every single one will attend however we have had 80-90% turnout rates previously.  You are  responsible for clearing your belongings from the space after the dress rehearsal.

SHOWCASE. You agree to arrive, fully set up and be ready to organize your collection and dress models by 3pm on the assigned runway date unless otherwise indicated to arrive at a different time.  You are  responsible for clearing your belongings from the space after the show.  

SPACE. Startup Fashion Week is committed to showcasing talented startup designers. Designers are responsible for the whereabouts of their garments at all times before, during and after the show.  

LOSS & DAMAGES. Security staff will be provided during event hours. You accept the Venue "as is" and will not make permanent alternations to the space, including attaching items to the walls or floors, and agree to make repairs for any damages to the Venue, or items within the Venue. If you fail to do so, Startup Fashion Week may make repairs on your behalf and you will be personally liable for any costs incurred.  You release Startup Fashion Week, and all associated companies, employees and event volunteers from any and all responsibility for injury, damage or theft to self or property, before, during and after the show. You are responsible for obtaining your own insurance and acknowledge that you will not qualify under the policies held by Startup Fashion Week or the Venue. 

PERMITS Exhibitors, partners and other vendors are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits for selling or providing services onsite (eg. selling upcycled garmets), or otherwise, and release Startup Fashion Week from all liabilty.

RESPONSIBILITIES Designers are responsible to provide their own music weeks in advance as well as photos indicating their final selection of looks.  Designers will trust our team to select the models that work best for each look however, we are happy to take recommendation submissions.  Designers will also have to communicate their desired look for hair and makeup weeks before the event to ensure our team is prepared.

 Startup Fashion Week reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event at any time in the case that the premises becomes damaged or unavailable, and will not be held liable for non-delivery or termination. In such case, this contract will be deferred to a later date. All payment will be applied to this new event. 

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated above. I will not hold Startup Fashion Week responsible for loss, damage or theft of any items. I understand that I am an independent Designer and assume personal liability in any way related to my participation in the event including any non-participants who accompany me.
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